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  Active Server Corner   A Server-side Web Technology Resource

Last Modified: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

.netWire unveiled!
Active Server Corner pleased to release .netWire (, a premier site dedicated to Microsoft.NET related news. Please visit .netWire to check the latest happenings in the .NET world!
Added Jul 25, 2000

Instant ASP: Another tool in making Active Server Pages universal
An interview with Naufal Khan, VP Development at Halcyon Software. Naufal discusses Instant ASP, a product that allows deploying ASP sites on non-Windows operating systems.
Added Jul 25, 2000

Professional ADO 2.5 RDS Programming With ASP 3.0, an In-depth review.
Here's another great book for ADO programmers - beginners and advanced alike. Read why this book comes highly recommended.
Added Jul 1, 2000

Startup jobs special
Check out our jobs section for new job listings of  startup companies.
Updated Jun 26, 2000

An introduction to XML
This article provides us with an introduction to the world of XML. The author highlights the important features of XML and the promise it holds for future.
Added Feb 6, 2000

Using the dictionary object
Alex Dinu teaches how the dictionary object can help increase the application speed. Alex uses a practical example in Visual Basic to illustrate his point.
Added Dec 8, 1999

Product Review: Ban Man Pro SQL Server 
Banner Manager Pro is the latest ad management software on the block. How does this product rate in performance? What are the best things about this tool? Learn more in this product review.
Added Nov 27, 1999

ASP Calendar version 2 online preview
Version 2 of the most popular ASP calendar is now online. Version 1 online demo is still available.
Added Oct 17, 1999

Choosing a scripting language for ASP
One of the most asked questions in ASP is "Which scripting language should I use - VBScript or JavaScript?" This article presents various factors involved in choosing a scripting language for your ASP pages, and helps you decide for yourself.
Added Oct 14, 1999

Checking the speed of your site with FrontPage 2000
Improve your site by identifying slow pages and cutting down their download time. David Berry shows you how to do this using FrontPage 2000.
Added Sep 15, 1999

Passing values into ASP pages
David Berry answers  one of the most asked questions by ASP beginners - "How to pass values into ASP pages?" A detailed example is included.
Added Sep 13, 1999

Job section opens!
As an added service to our visitors, we have added a job section to this site. Over time, we will present select jobs in the web development area.
Added Sep 12, 1999

Scratching the surface of WebClasses
We talk with Jesse Liberty, author of several acclaimed books, about WebClasses to understand this new concept in web development.
Added Sep 8, 1999

Encoding and decoding URL Strings
Find out how you can pass information within URL by encoding it. Also, some decoding techniques to get it back.
Added Sep 7, 1999

Retrieving data from a database
Read this sample chapter from "Teach Yourself Active Server Pages in 24 Hours." This latest book on ASP provides beginners a new way of learning ASP - using it! Also read an In-Depth review on the book.
Added Aug 30, 1999

Meet the "Brains" behind the new ASP book
Christoph Wille is the man behind the latest book "Teach Yourself ASP in 24 Hours." He discusses his book and his experience writing it, especially his motivation from being a Microsoft MVP.
Added Aug 30, 1999

Teach Yourself ASP in 24 Hours, an In-Depth review
See what we have to say about this book. Also read about more books at In-Depth reviews.
Added Aug 30, 1999

Retrieve file names and paths in ASP scripts
This addition to our CodeLibrary shows how you can obtain the executing script's file path and file folder.
Added Aug 23, 1999

Know a lot more about ADO Recordsets
Learn about cloning, multiple recordsets, filtering, indexing and more with the help of this sample chapter from Wrox's "Professional ADO RDS Programming with ASP." Also, check out more sample chapters from other books in our Book Excerpts section.
Updated Aug 23, 1999     Added Aug 21, 1999

Retrieve identity values from SQL Server tables. The tutorial also takes a look at what identity columns are and things you should know about them.
Added Aug 15, 1999

Creating a simple ad rotating system using ASP
Learn how you can create a rotating advertisement system using ASP.
Added Aug 10, 1999

DBArtisan Review
DBArtisan is considered by many DBAs as the ultimate tool. John Churchill reviews the product.

ADO 2.1 Programmer's Reference, an In-depth Review
Read why this book is recommended for ADO developers.

Meet Shelley Powers
Read an interview with Shelley Powers, the author of the book "Developing ASP Components," in our Cornered! section.

FrontPage, a love-hate relationship
A subjective look at evolution of FrontPage and the mixed feelings it has brought to one developer.

What is COM?
A beginner's guide to what COM is, is presented in this debut article of the column COMSutra.

A new "Tips" section

Tutorials - Debug ASP components in VB.

Tutorials - Creating multiple web sites using IIS 4.


ASP Calendar
ASP Calendar Want to add cool event calendars to your web sites or applications? Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can download one for FREE?

What time do you have?
Ever since it was released over a year ago, ASPTime has helped many ASP developers to time their code and thereby plan improve the performance. You can too!


Teach Yourself Active Server Pages in 24 Hours
This latest book on ASP provides beginners a new way of learning ASP - using it! Read the sample chapter "Retrieving data from a database."
Added Aug 30, 1999

Professional ADO RDS Programming with ASP
Learn about cloning, multiple recordsets, filtering, indexing and more. We have an exclusive excerpt from this book.
Updated Aug 23, 1999     Added Aug 21, 1999

ASP/MTS/ADSI Web Security
Richard Harrison's new book explores the security issues with ASP and related technologies.

Troubleshoot IIS4 and VI6
A new book on troubleshooting IIS applications is out, and we have the exclusive sample chapter.

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Professional ADO/RDS Programming with ASP 3
Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes
Teach Yourself ASP in 24 Hours
Developing Component Based Applications
Developing ASP Components

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